It is time to let our children explore the most scientific, systematic, and individualized study program for learning Math and English. Let JEI help your children build a strong foundation for their academic success.

  • JEI MATH – Grade Pre-K to 9th
  • JEI Problem Solving Math – Grade 2nd to 6th
  • PHONICS – Grade Pre-K to 3rd
  • JEI ENGLISH – Grade 1st to 9th
  • JEI Reading and Writing – Grade 2nd to 6th
  • Writers Workshop – Grade 2nd to 8th

“My passions for education and desire to help children see their potential & set a path to reach it, made me open a JEI Learning Center. I firmly believe in creating an environment that allows children to make discoveries, solve problems, and think independently. I want to make a difference to a child, one at a time.”

~Seema Shah (Director)

JEI believes that all children have unlimited learning potential. JEI's scientific, effective education system provides an individualized learning program based on needs and ability

The Diagnostic System
JEI's comprehensive diagnostic system will analyze each student’s test results, pinpoint the student's strengths and weaknesses, and prescribe an individual study program.

JEI Workbooks
JEI's programmed workbooks are designed to be self-learning and to make learning easy with three key features : clear study objectives, small steps, and spiral structure.

JEI Centers
Well-qualified instructors combined with a proven method and low student to instructor ratio are what makes JEI the best option for your child’s educational  needs.**Comprehensive Diagnostic Testing                                                                                              

**Comprehensive Diagnostic Testing**Increase Self-Confidence
**Unique Error Analysis**Writing Enrichment 
**Individualized  Instruction**Reading Program
**Weekly & Monthly Assessment**Enhance Test Taking Skills
**Develop Self Learning Skills**Improve Concentration  
**Get Better Grades in School**Enjoy Learning

JEI Math
Fosters conceptual and meaningful understanding and guides students with a step-by-step approach. The curriculum is designed with specific study objectives in small steps to make learning Math easy for everyone. It is also aligned with NCTM standards covering all major areas of the curriculum.

JEI Problem Solving Math
To provide advanced Math students who seek a challenge. Students’ analytical and Problem Solving Skills are sharpened through an array of challenging ‘Math Olympiad’ type questions. This program explores deeper into the world of Math.

Progresses in small steps starting with learning Phonetic sounds and writing the alphabets. Improves reading proficiency along with comprehension and spelling skills.

JEI English
Progresses in small steps and makes learning engaging and effective. The workbooks build a strong foundation in vocabulary, grammar, and reading. Our unique, creative reading mate- rials in each workbook maintain interest and develop skills necessary for effective reading and writing. Along with the workbooks we focus on different writing styles each month.

JEI Reading and Writing
Is a literature based, reading enrichment program which will feature fiction and non-fiction as well as other genres of writing. Through study and understanding of literature, the program strengthens reading comprehension and writing skills.

Writers Workshop
This workshop will include mini - lessons and activities that will focus on the process of writing--pre-writing, drafting, editing, and revising. They will learn techniques for crafting well-written sentences, logical paragraphs, and coherent essays. Students will read, study, and discuss different writing styles, and they will practice what they have learned in numerous writing assignments.

Contact Information

Seema Shah - Center Director

Phone: 925-867-2729

Email: jei_sanramon@yahoo.com

Address:                                                                                                                             3170 Crow Canyon Place,
Suite #110, San Ramon, CA 94583